GMC have a cooperation with World Standard Quality Companies.

  • KUKIL : Korea_Automatic Measurement System

  • Dong-Do: Korea_ HBT Probe & Amplifier System

  • Shekinah: Korea_Automatic Measurement System

  • Raynar: Korea_ Eddy Current & UT System

  • D-World: Korea_ Optical Vision System

  • SEC: Korea_ Industrial X-Ray System

  • MAGYC: Italy_ Acoustic Resonance Test for NF and Crack

  • SMAC: USA_ CMM for in Line & Nano Moving Coil System

  • Kuntai Marker: China_ Pin Marker & Laser Marking System

  • Hero Laser: China_ Laser Marker, Welding, Cutting & Cleaning System

  • SEJG: Korea_ Universal Motion Controller & Servo Geared Unit.

  • KY-System: Korea_ Tunky Base FA & Assembly In Line System

  • Meastem: Korea_Special Bench Gauge

High-Tech Manual Gauge Unit